Wine intermediary in South-West France

About me

After having built a successful business in consumer fireworks in The Netherlands,
my wife and I sold and rented out all we had and moved to the south of France for early retirement.

After 4 years of rebuilding the house and shaping the terrain I found I missed work and business life a bit.
I started as, and still am, a hobby farmer, free-lance translator and international stem cell courier.
But in the end my heart lies in commerce and trade.   

Since I did wine courses as a hobby back in The Netherlands, I speak French, English, German and Dutch,
AND I now lived amidst some of the richest, upcoming and undiscovered wine regions in France….
I established myself as a free lance local wine intermediary.

What I can do for you

be your feet on the ground, your communicator, your legal “French connection”,
manage all contact with, and visits/ controls at, the wineries of your choice,
help select and build your collection, send samples and arrange logistics,
plan, guide and accompany your personal visit to the region as planner, driver and/ or translator

I have already connected several smaller estates that would love to export, but don’t have the time,
language skills or knowledge to connect with importers looking for that hidden gem.
I love working with smaller organic or bio-dynamic (family owned) estates.

The most important regions I service are Madiran, Jurançon, Côtes de Gasçogne, and Cahors.
But I can be your translater and/ or guide anywhere in France.

Example and prices

In 2022 I was approached by a Dutch importer to make and guide a tour through Jurançon and Madiran.
I prepared visits and tastings at the selected 12 estates over 4 days, based on price-range indication.
I arranged the overnight stays and acted as driver and translator, as well as collected all samples
and organized transport back to Holland.
The importer choose to work with 3 of the 12 estates choosing 11 wines for his collection.

The importer was charged:
7 hours of preparation/ handling at € 30,- per hour,
4 full days for the visits at € 200,- daily,
and compensation for the miles driven; 428 km at € 0,55 per km.

The total cost was € 1.245,40

Send me an email, whatsapp or just give me a call
to make your wine visit to the South-West a success!


1 Chemin du Moulin
65380 Ossun, France

+33 6 81 93 69 55